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Maths exam on the 3rd of June and I am already panicking

My Maths exam is on the 3rd of June and I am already worrying that I will fail.

Does anybody have revision tips?


The start of a long way to my degree

What a week I’ve had. The admission team of my university told me last week that they’ve made a mistake and I can not start this year because my Maths qualification isn’t enough to study the course. They’ve made a mistake when comparing my German qualification with the English ones. I don’t mind it too much because they suggested that I do a 60 credits course at the Open University in Maths and after successfully completing they will be able to offer me the place. They do count the 60 credits towards my degree, so at least it’s not a waste of time but I will have to pay more tuition fees now than I would have had to pay if I studied this year already for BSc Banking and Finance. 

I will keep you updated.