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Update Saving challenge – ten days to go!


I only have ten days to go in my February Savings challenge and I still have £124.09 left. That is an average of £12.40 a day to spend. It wasn’t easy but it wasn’t as hard as I thought.


Saving challenge Day 2 and 3

Day 2 and 3 of my February Swing challenge are over. Yesterday I didn’t spend any money but today I spend £5.99 on a Kindle book. It’s The Monk who sold his Ferrari. Then I paid £5.90 for my Travelcard as well as £3.79 for Lunch. I took a cab home which adds another £5. It all comes to £20.68.

I have £259.32 left until the 1st of March.

February saving challenge Part II

I am starting my February challenge tomorrow. I will only spend a maximum of £10 a day. I will make all payments e.g mobile broadband, mobile phone contract etc. tomorrow morning and then I will transfer £280 to another account. I am only allowed to use that account and no other money. Let’s see if I can do it. It is definitely manageable, isn’t it?

I will make updates on what I have spent the money.

It’s nearly Week 5 of the 52 week savings challenge

At the beginning of this year I started the 52 week savings challenge for the first time in my life. The aim is to start saving with 1£/$/€ and end the year with 1378£/$/€ of savings. How it works? It’s simple as pie. In Week 1 you save 1£/$/€, in Week 2 2£/$/€ and so on. At the end of the year you come to the sum of 1378. I think this is amazing. I have saved £10 so far. Not a lot but that’s the idea of the 52 Week Savings Challenge. It is not too late to join now.