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The View from the Shard – London’s new money making machine

20130214-205754.jpgGeorge and I went up the Shard yesterday. It was a wonderful experience and the views are breathtaking. It’s a shame that the weather wasn’t great but we will return on a sunny day. Our trip was spontaneous and as I didn’t book tickets in advance  I paid £29.95 and the ticket was free for George as well as for all other under three’s. If you book your ticket in advance you only pay £24.95.


Every single member of staff was incredibly friendly, polite and enthusiastic. I hope that this isn’t just because it only open recently. Everybody has to go through security and within 2 minutes you are on the 68th level. The highest floor that is open to the public is the 72nd. It is open-air and should you choose to go on a chilly day I would advise you to wear a coat. It is freezing up there.

The Shard has 95 floors and a total height of 309.6 meters. It is the tallest building in the European Union as well asWestern Europe and the second highest in Europe, after Moscow’s Mercury City Tower.

The po20130214-205848.jpgwerhouse behind Zuma and Roka, Rainer Becker and Arjun Waney, will open their restaurant and bar ‘Oblix’ (the name is a play on ‘obelisk’) on the 32nd floor of the shard this summer. A further restaurant, Aqua, will open as well this summer. The amazing five star hote Shangri-La will be located on the 34th-52nd floor while the residential apartments are on the 53rd to the 65th floor. A seven bedroom flat will cost you a whopping £50m. The offices will be on the second to 28th floor.


I can only recommend everybody to go up the Shard and experience the View yourself. It is pricey, but hey we are in London and you only have to do it once. Take a picnik and eat up there on a less busy day. Propose finally to your girlfriend or just enjoy the View. There is a gift shop and you can have your picture taken. I paid £28 for a leather framed picture of us, the Shard and a digital print to my email address.




Sin City without my friend Rieke

My friend Rieke can’t come with me to Las Vegas, which is really sad. She doesn’t get time off from her employer and when she can get off I can’t go. I was already looking forward to the crazy parties we planned. Never mind. She is coming to visit me in London over the Easter holidays.

As she isn’t coming to Las Vegas I will only stay five nights there instead of a week and the other two days I will stay in the City of Angels – Los Angeles. I can’t wait to go.

The Nobu Hotel in Las Vegas will finally open in Spring and I am considering staying there one night or two. But will it be worth it? Imagine the money one will spend at the Nobu 24h room service. Black cod at 3am?! Yes, please!

Summer Holiday, hence my February saving challenge.

I am going to Miami, Los Angeles and Las Vegas from the 22nd of June until the 6th of June. I can’t wait. On the 22nd I will fly with Virgin Atlantic in Premium Economy to Miami and from there I’ll will fly with Virgin America to LA. On the 29th of June I will fly with Virgin America again to Las Vegas and back with Virgin Atlantic. I will not use my savings and therefore will take the money from my February as well as March income.

My friend Rieke will hopefully join me in Las Vegas. We met last year in Vegas and got on well from the first Minute. The hotel in Las Vegas will be the Cosmopolitan. I don’t know which hotel we stay at in Miami and Los Angeles, I let my boyfriend decide.

I will pay the flight from my February and March income and therefore can’t spend as much money as I usually do. I need to come up with a saving challenge.

I spend a lot of money on things that I don’t need to. One example is that I take taxis a lot. I don’t need to. In February and March I don’t want to take taxis unless it’s dark. That should save me at least £60 in February if not more. Same with drinks and food when I am out and about. Should save another £20-25 a week, maybe even more then that. I am trying to only spend £300 in February, the less the better.

Tomorrow I will sit down and write a saving plan for the next two months. That should be fun.

Next stop Miami

My friend Heng has a one year visa for the USA and before she is moving back to China we would like to go to Miami together. She has to see when she can take a week off work.

Has anybody of you been to Miami and can recommend a great Hotel? It should be either a 4* or 5* hotel at the beach or at least close to it. When is the best time to travel to Miami?

Back in Brussels


I am finally in Brussels again and I enjoyed my time so far. I arrived yesterday at Gare du Midi and took a taxi to my friends house in Etterbeek. It is close to the Merode Metro and Tram station.

We went to the Funky Monkey restaurant in Schuhman and the food was absolutely delicious. It snowed a lot and we took a taxi home. My friend’s flatmates had a house party and were singing Karaoke and playing the piano while we were downstairs in Heng’s room reading books and feeling much older than we actually are.

My friend Heng has finally started to read Fifty Shades of Grey, well she started reading the second book ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ without knowing about the first one and so far she really enjoys it. The light was on until nearly 3am last night. Oh, well actually she read it later on my iPad so that I could sleep.

I finally had a good nights sleep. I slept around ten hours and I couldn’t believe it. I feel much better today.

Today we had brunch at Le Pain Quotidien and it was delicious. I ate things I shouldn’t eat with my PCOS and drank orange juice. Big NO NO but hey ho. It should be fine once in a while.

At 8pm tonight I will leave Brussels to go to Cologne to see my family. Tomorrow I finally go horse riding again with my friend Sabina. Followed by a planned dinner at Vapiano and then we might go out for a few drinks.

Last Friday I dropped George off at Liverpool Street rail station and he took the 1pm train to Ipswich with his grand mother. I nearly cried, I miss him so much. He enjoys his time at his grandparents and I am sure he doesn’t mind being away for a week.

Happy New Year!

2012 was a wonderful year for me. Firstly I moved back from London to Brussels and I started my degree. Secondly I got to travel a lot. All my friends know how much I love to travel.  I started the year with skiing in Val D’Isere, followed by another skiing trip to Isola 2000 over Easter and I made a quick trip to Monaco to visit some friends. I spend the first week of July in Las Vegas to join my friends who played Poker at the WSOP. Between Las  Vegas and Spain I went to Brussel to catch up with my friends over there and then I was two weeks in Relleu. Just before Christmas I went finally to Germany and then I was in New York over Christmas.

In September I finally started my degree. It is tough but I enjoy every single minute of it and I feel that this is something I have to do to challenge myself mentally. I can’t believe that it is already January and I sit my exams in the first week of June.

My mother got very ill in summer, but she is much better now, and I was diagnosed with PCOS in September. I had to change my diet a lot. I am now following a gluten-free diet, I also cut out sugar and dairy and I try to exercise as much as possible.

I will start a 10 week low-carb boot camp tomorrow and I am very excited.


New York City


I am currently in NYC. I arrived last Saturday and I will stay until tomorrow night. I didn’t have much time to post recently but one of my New Year’s resolution is to blog more. I post a few pictures but I will post more once I am back at home on my computer.

N x









Leaving London for the weekend

I am off to Brussels this weekend. I haven’t been to Brussels since my move from Brussels to London in January and I am very much looking forward to it. Today is Ben and Rosa’s second birthday and I have bought them lovely backpacks. I hope they like them. I am also seeing my dear friend Heng again and I haven’t seen her since January.

I haven’t made any plans yet apart from Ben and Rosa’s birthday party in Bois de La Cambre and dinner with my friend Heng, I will take lots of pictures and post some.

Have a lovely weekend everyone,

Nadine x