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Maths exam on the 3rd of June and I am already panicking

My Maths exam is on the 3rd of June and I am already worrying that I will fail.

Does anybody have revision tips?


Long Time No See

I have been very busy the last couple of months and could not write on my blog. My main priority is my degree at the moment. I have started a Maths and French course in October and it is all going very well so far. The Maths course is compulsory for my entry to the external program at the LSE and I have an unconditional offer for 2013.

I went many times to IKEA in the last months and I know most prices now in my head. I don’t know if that is worrying. My latest project was an untreated chest of draws from IKEA and I painted it in Farrow&Ball’s Clunch. It is the same colour as my bedroom walls and it looks quite nice.

I have been diagnosed with PCOS and I am taking now medication for it. It luckily explains a lot of the changes in my body I had over the last few years and as much as I am relieved about the diagnosis I am also annoyed and angry that the doctors I’ve seen over the years couldn’t help me earlier. The first three weeks on the medication were awful, I’ve had panic attacks, I couldn’t go to sleep in the evenings and I couldn’t get up in the mornings, I was constantly hungry and I cried a lot. I am now feeling a bit better, the weight is coming off and I am very happy about it. My skin is also a bit better.

I am constantly tweeting again and I enjoy taking pictures for Instagram.


Return from Isola 2000, Trip to Monaco and finally being back to England

Yesterday morning I left Isola 2000 to get the 8am bus to Nice Airport. The bus from Isola 2000 to Nice Airport takes 2 hours and costs 1€ (luggage included). Unfortunately we did not know about this the week before when we arrived in Isola 2000 and we took a taxi which cost 250€ for eight persons including luggage. I had a wonderful week in Isola 2000, it is not the nicest resort to look at but the slopes are great especially for beginners. I arrived at 10am in Nice and my flight was not until 5:45pm so I decided to take the train to Monaco. I haven’t been to Monaco since April 2010 and it was great to see how much it changed. I had lunch with a friend and I visited the International University of Monaco where I would like to do my Master in Finance after my Bachelor in Banking and Finance. I had the chance to speak to a professor as well as to students and the Head of Admissions. All the people I spoke to have been incredibly friendly and I should add that I just turned up. I never exchanged an email with them nor did I have an appointment. They made me feel welcome and the Head of Admission gave me her business card. I was surprised to find out they there are two McDonalds in Monaco and that they have great public transport. Of course it is not a bad thing but I guess I will never get the picture out of my head where everybody in Monte Carlo gets driven by their private drivers in black Mercedes/Rolls Royce/Bentleys. You get the idea.

International University of Monaco